16 Unbelievable Shopping Disasters Caught on Tape

There is no better way to know a man than to give to or take away something he desperately wants…

Mass shopping can be like mass religion… what starts as a joyful experience can many times spiral into cold-hearted brutality showing the unfortunate soiled underbelly of mankind.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are, at our core, irrational animals.  So the next time you consider getting that “hot new item” you just got to have, make sure you don’t become one of the headlines below.

Check out the following 16 Unbelievable Shopping Disasters and make it a point to be “nicer” to your fellow man this upcoming holiday season. The life you save may well be your own!

1. Wal-Mart Crowd Fights Over XBox 360s [Video]

Let’s not kid ourselves here; the Black Friday discounts for the Xbox 360 were a big deal.  Anybody that doesn’t condone this kind of reckless abandon… where grown men willingly swindle soprano-voiced pipsqueaks… obviously hasn’t played HALO 3 before.

2. Tempers Flare Outside A Florida Mall [Video]

What happens when you force a mob of jittery-eyed shoppers brandishing Macy's cards through a single door? This! Of course, pandemonium should be a bygone conclusion… especially considering Black Friday sales ALWAYS drive people mad as a March Hare."

3. Best Buy Shoppers Get Into Fist-Fight

Best Buy Fight

When you careen humans together like cattle, heads will butt.  That much is human nature.  But fistfights breaking-out as security just watches dumbly, as the hordes wait for the Black Friday Mega-sale doors to open?  Unforgivable… unless the discount is higher than 15%


4. Stampeding Wal-Mart Customers Trample Long Island Employee To Death

 Walmart Cattle Herd

Speaking of cattle, last year disaster struck in Wal-Mart thanks to the mushy mind of the mob.  Four people were hurt, and Jdimytai Damour (a 34-year-old employee) was killed during a stampede. Wal-Mart, having a PR nightmare on their hands, promised better crowd control in the future.


5. Two Killed In Gun Battle Between Toys ‘R’ Us Shoppers

 Toys 'R' US Gun Battler

Whenever Black Friday’s lust-driven madness mixes with the need to protect your woman’s honor, you’re apt to have an explosion. Case in point, one tragic Black Friday in 2008 when two ladies started bickering in the Toys R’ Us parking lot.  Their boyfriends, frothing at the mouth and punch-drunk on pride, draw their weapons and shoot each other dead on the spot.


6. Customer Beaten to Death by Walmart Employees

 Walmart Death

True story: A woman in China is shopping at Wal-Mart when a group of employees accuse her of shoplifting. They demand to search her bags but the shopper refuses, calling it an invasion of privacy.  The Wal-Mart employees, perturbed, proceed to kick the “privacy” out of the woman.  She later dies from the injuries, while what became of the employees is unreported.

7. Play Station 3 Release Riots in Fresno [Video]

The PS3 hit the streets mid-November of 2006 and immediately riots ripped across the country like brushfire.  In Fresno, for instance, police had to use night sticks to fight back the stampeding swarm. PlayStations were poached, shoppers were trampled and two were arrested (for the trampling) before the day was over.

8. Black Friday Stampede [Video]

There’s no country for old women… at least, not on Black Friday.  Back in 2005, a crush of shoppers trampled a 72-year-old woman right into the hospital.  Nobody even stopped to pick the woman up.  They just kept pressing on, without qualm or concern, towards whatever “limited offer deal” had whipped them into such a frenzy.

9.  2006 Virginia PS3 Riot

 PS3 Riot

Virginia was not for lovers when Circuit City opened their doors upon the release of the PS3 in 2006.  At least one person was hospitalized, arrests ran rampant and police officers began shooting pepper pellets into the crowd to keep them in check.


10. Super Wal-Mart PS3 Stabbing

 PS3 Stabbing

Never cross a passion-possessed man… especially one that’s been waiting in line for 36 gruelling hours to buy the new PS3. You just never know what they’re liable to do.  Two crooks found this out the hard way, when they attempted to rob such a man outside of Super Wal-Mart.  The shopper went mad, fighting like a demon and stabbing one of the crooks to within a breath of death.


11. PS3 Fan Does Not Leave Line Even When Shot


Want to know what steely-eyed commitment really is?  Try this on for size: Two robbers shoot a man square in the chest when he refuses to hand over $2,500, which he brought to buy several PS3s.  The gunmen flee immediately and man slowly gets up, brushes the dirt off his clothes, and refuses to leave the line.  Eventually the man was talked into going to the hospital where he made a speedy and full recovery.


12. Gift Certificate Mayhem

 Gift Certificate Mayhem

500 free gift certificates fell quietly from the ceiling like snowflakes… and the 2,000 shoppers below broke into a mindless stampede leaving one woman in the hospital.  This was on Black Friday 2006 in a California mall, proving even the palm-tree-and-sunshine disposition the West Coast is known for isn’t immune to Black Friday madness.


13.  HP Pavilion $99 Laptops Cause Riot [Video]

The date is Black Friday 2005, and the scene is Wal-Mart. The plot follows two groups of shoppers pitted against each other, one group knocking the other down and swiping the HP Pavilion notebooks from their trembling fingers.  The hook?  This entire story actually happened, showing that sometimes fact is more bizarre than fiction.


14. Porn Shop Fight [Video]

There’s no way to frazzle a man like knocking his porno on the floor (at 1:34). It looks like the employee dialed the police, which might be all that kept this scuffle from elevating into a dildo-throwing punch fest.

15.  Gladiator Girl Defends Shop [Video]

It’s hard not to be impressed by a 4’9” shopkeeper staring down the barrel of a gun without flinching.  It’s even harder not to want to marry her when she starts swinging a 3’ battle axe to protect her nest (about 0:52).

16. Don’t Mess With Russian Security [Video]

Mixing it up with Russian security is apparently a very bad idea.  Notice the sucker punch at 0:32, the two guards on one civilian tag-team at 0:44 and then the cold-as-ice gun withdrawal at 0:57. Moral: Don’t try this at home.


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Awesome post, I can’t believe people are so crazy over the dumbest sh*t

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