Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Review

Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream

Let’s face it people… the beauty industry is a multi billion dollar industry for a reason.

My dad has always had this little vertical line right next to the side of his eyebrow from squinting.  Over the years it’s progressively gotten deeper with age, and when I was a kid I used to call it “the Bermuda Triangle” because I said things could get lost in there. I even used to try and stick quarters in it to see if they’d stay (they did). Now that he’s in his mid-sixties I think it would probably hold a silver dollar, although … Read More »

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Hunting For The Out Of Stock Shoe

The internet is all things powerful, except when you want that one very specific thing. A friend of a friend asked me to locate a pair of shoes for her because she could not find them online and knew of my expertise in online shopping. The shoe was a Laundry By Shelli Segal Haben in black or turquoise in size 7 or 8, easy enough.

 Laundry By Shelli Segal

I did a few quick searches on Google, and I found that 6pm sold them. On the site it stated there were 2 left, but after attempting to add them to the shopping cart I … Read More »

Saving Money by Shopping Smarter

Like most people, I made a New Year’s Resolution to save more money this year. The current state of our economy has me shaking in my boots a bit, especially with layoffs and unemployment at an all time high. I’ve decided that it’s in my best interest to take the experts’ advice a Bring My Ex Back nd try to keep approximately three months worth of expenses in a bank account in case of emergencies. I have to say, so far so good! I’ve opened up an ING Orange Savings Account and I’ve been socking money away on a weekly … Read More »

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Save Money On Valentine’s Day Flowers


flowers coupon codes

Planning on that old-standby Valentine’s Day gift this year? Flowers can say a lot to someone you care about and almost everyone loves them. Unfortunately, buying a fresh bouquet or specialty arrangement can really run up your gift-giving bill. However, with online coupons, deal hunting, and a couple of fresh ideas, you don’t have to spend a fortune this Valentine’s Day to say “I love you.”

Shopping ahead of time to cash in on deals is a great way to save some money this year. Also, choosing a brand name retailer that offers nation-wide delivery from local florists can … Read More »

How to Save Money on a Child’s Birthday Present with Leapfrog


Leapfrog is a store offering toys and educational tools for children that entertain, enlighten and educate. It’s a trusted name brand as well. Leapfrog is known for producing high quality games. When it’s time to give a birthday present to a special child in your life, it’s a perfect place to start. However, since it’s an established name brand, opting for a Leapfrog present can get expensive. Instead of buying the gift impulsively, plan to save money before going shopping.

First of all, make sure that you know the exact age of the child. If it’s a present for the … Read More »

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How to Send Flowers for Less

Flowers are universally cherished gifts. A bouquet of someone's favorite flowers is appropriate for so many times and occasions, and it's the perfect present to tell someone that they are loved or appreciated. Sending someone flowers publicly to her work can send a strong public statement of your affections, and sending flowers to someone's home for no reason at all can be a sweet, sincere and surprising sentiment. No matter what your reason for sending flowers, chances are that you are paying a bit too much for the fragile, fragrant flowers. Instead, use these tips to save money on flower … Read More »

Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal Review

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m pretty vain. I try to look my best at all times, and I especially like trying new products that help me to achieve that goal. A few months ago, I was flipping through some recent photos and I was a bit shocked by how yellow my teeth looked in one photo in particular. I’ve always been very diligent in my dental hygiene and even use a Cybersonic electric toothbrush at the advice of my dentist, but I guess my two coffee per day habit – okay, okay, and the occasional glass or two of red … Read More »

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eHarmony Review

id you know that approximately 40 million Americans currently use dating websites? That breaks down to 40% of the single adult population. Forty percent! That figure is mind-blowing. Gone are the days when you could find love the next barstool over. Now that the social stigma of finding a match online is all but gone, it seems like dating websites are the most efficient ticket to love and happiness.

Now, we’ve all seen the commercials for eHarmony, and there’s no question that they are motivating. All of the couples they parade in front of … Read More »

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Men

With February just around the corner, you’ve probably noticed the paper cupids, red-foiled chocolates, and pink hearts decorating local stores.  What many consider a “Hallmark Holiday” can actually be a wonderful opportunity to tell someone how much you care.  And since Valentine’s Day is no longer a one-sided holiday, where only men splurge on chocolates and flowers for the special woman in their lives, there’s some great gift options available.valentine1

But Valentine’s Day gifts for men aren’t as straight-forward as a dozen red roses, and many guys won’t classify themselves as “the romantic type.”  If a heart-shaped box of chocolates … Read More »

My Shopping Experience Review of Amazon.com

Amazon is one of the most recognized stores on the world wide web, and it had humble beginnings. Jeff Bezos founded it in 1994, and Amazon.com launched in 1995. It began as an online bookstore, and it expanded to include other items soon after. Now, it’s an everything store. It even offers food items and big ticket items and appliances.

I used the wedding registry at Amazon to get a present for my friend when I couldn’t attend a wedding, due to work complications. Opting for express shipping, the present reached the intended couple within days before the wedding, alleviating … Read More »