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We buy clothes online, electronics, and home goods etc. We pay bills, do our banking, we even order our prescriptions for delivery.  Grocery shopping seems to be the last, unconquered frontier in online shopping. Sure delivery service has been around for years, but not many people realize its value as both a time saver and money saver. If you’ve been toying with the idea of using a grocery delivery service, now is the time to do it. We’re currently offering a New Customer $10 Off Peapod Coupon Code which should hopefully help to make you a Peapod convert.

Grocery delivery … Read More »

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How to Save Money Dining Out

Dining out is a luxury, privilege and joy for most people. Sometimes, it’s a tradition for seeing friends and family members. Still for others, it’s a routine fact of life, as there are business lunches and dinners for many careers. It’s part of a romantic date night once per month for some couples. Whatever your circumstances, whenever you find yourself longing to eat at a new restaurant or a trusted favorite, you’ll want to do so at a significant savings to yourself. The same meal for half the price can be doubly enjoyed.

Realize that it’s alright to use coupons … Read More »

Justice 40% Off Site Wide Sale

40% Off Justice Coupon Code starts TOMORROW. Click Here To Get Justice Coupon Codes at




Hurry this offer ends March 3rd. Great time to stock up on spring clothes for your kids.… Read More »

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 Product Review

Having had the same BlackBerry Pearl cell phone for years, I recently decided it was time for an upgrade. My phone was old and beat up, the technology was outdated, and worst of all – I’d always forget to lock it and it would then accidently dial someone on its own. I can’t tell you how many of my poor friends have had the unfortunate experience of hearing my voice belting out singing along with the radio while driving, unbeknownst that I had an audience. Long story short, after doing some research on both my wants and needs in a … Read More »

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Franklin Covey Planner: Product Review

After comparing a lot of different planners that would be easy to take me with me when I was on the go around New York City, I purchased the red sierra leather-like (imitation leather), zipped organizer starter set by Franklin Covey. It’s 5-1/2 by 8-1/2. It looks professional, like a miniature briefcase.

There are pockets on each side. One has a button closure, but the other one is an open pocket. I mistakenly thought the latter was open as an invitation to store stuff within it. However, placing a notebook in it screwed up the workings of the planner. … Read More »

First Time Bike Buyers Guide, Plus Tips & Tricks for Saving Money

Last month while on vacation in Malibu California, my friends and I spent a full day cruising around Venice Beach on rented bikes. Prior to that, I probably hadn’t ridden a bike in ten years, and I had all but forgotten how fun bike riding could be! Biking is a huge part of the culture in Southern California, but obviously a lot of that is due to the year round sunny and warm temperatures. Here in the North East where I live, there’s a good six months out of the year where biking is really not an option due to … Read More »

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Why It Pays To Buy Cosmetics Online

One of my favorite sections of ShopGala is the Health & Beauty coupon page, where I can find some of the best deals on my expensive skin care products.  I have been a kind of skin-care junky for many years, having worked in the cosmetic industry for so long and writing so many articles on beauty and makeup.  Still, I have to try all of these products out for myself, which can get pretty expensive!

My favorite brand, Origins, is pretty popular in department stores.  But I do most of my shopping online because I’m in the know—you … Read More »

Tips For Saving Money On A Digital Camera

When I think back when I bought my very first digital camera eight years ago, I remember being amazed at the technology it possessed. Never mind that it was the size of a small microwave and could only hold 15 or so pictures before I had to download and clear the memory card. I think it was only 2 megapixels and I still paid close to $400 for it! Since then, I’ve had about five or six different digital cameras, so I’ve become a lot more educated and adept at finding the best deals and maximizing my dollar. I know … Read More »

Yes, The Shark Steam Mop Really Works!

I’ll admit it…I’m a sucker for late night infomercials. Maybe it’s the amazing product demonstrations, maybe it’s the unbelievable “Buy one, get three free!” deals they offer, or maybe that it’s simply that there’s nothing else to watch when I’m hit with a bout of insomnia. I’m consistently lured in by the idea of collapsible clothes hangers, spinning hair straighteners and ShamWows. Needless to say, I have countless 3:00 a.m. charges on my credit card and a closet full of useless products to show for it!

Except one.

One sleepless night, I found myself engrossed in an infomercial … Read More »

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Must-Have Baby Items for Winter

I’m expecting my new son or daughter any day now and as I prepare, I’m getting ready to help Junior face the winter cold.  Having a winter baby brings with it some seasonal considerations: hats, thick blankets, warm transportation, etc.  And since I’ve been planning this for about nine months or so, always expecting winter in New England to be a challenge for my newborn’s sensitive skin, I’ve come up with some must-have items for winter babies.

J.J.Cole’s Bundle Me

Available in six colors (graphite, khaki, pink, sage, cocoa, and navy) and sold at most retailers, this is a necessity.  … Read More »