Make-Up Must-Haves for Summer

Keeping your skin healthy and safe in the summer is one thing, which I’ve already covered.  But keeping your skin looking great in the heat and humidity is a completely different issue.  With the help of a few key products, you can keep your skin looking great without clogging your pores, building up excess oil, or experiencing melty makeup at the beach.

The first thing you need is a long-lasting, lightweight foundation with an SPF for some extra sun protection.  I like Clinique’s Almost Makeup SPF 15.  It’s a sheer liquid that doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on the … Read More »

Birthday Cards (not done)

Everyone Gets One Day and it's all about you-you-you.

Out of 365 days, we all get one.  One day where it is all about you, no questions asked.  And if anyone tries to question, just hand over your birth certificate. Birthdays are the only day that you can be the center of attention each year. Don't waste your time trying not to make a big deal about it.  It is a big deal! Go all out and treat yourself and your friends to a great time.  Make it all about you from start to finish. The first step to your … Read More »

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Coldwater Creek 50% Off Sitewide Sale

Coldwater Creek is now offering 50% off their entire site. Check out this amazing deal! Runs through 6/6/2010.











Find more women's apparel coupons at ShopGala.… Read More »

Top 5 New England Vacations

For a fun, inexpensive vacation this summer, try New England.  Skip the international travel this year and explore some of what the United States has to offer for family vacations.  Some of my favorite places to visit are in the US, specifically in the New England area.  Traveling closer to home is still fun, but can cost a lot less—a good thing for many families this year.  Consider one of my Top Five New England Vacations instead.

Bar Harbor, ME – For quaint touristy activities and nature lovers, Bar Harbor is perfect.  Visit Cadillac Mountain—heck, take your bike!—and watch the … Read More »

How Eye Glasses Define You

What do Ben Stein, Tiny Fey, Elton John, Drew Carey, and Johnny Depp all have in common? If you guessed the fact they that they are all celebrities, or that they each make more money in one day than the average person makes in a year, well yes, you’re right. But let’s go a step further.  The other thread that weaves between these talented celebs is actually fairly simple. They all have made prescription glasses cool, and more importantly, they have made their glasses a large part of their personal brands. For each celebrity listed, the quirky frames that sit … Read More »

3 Best Places to Buy Maternity Clothes

Shopping for maternity clothes can be the most unpleasant part of pregnancy (okay, well, maybe not the most unpleasant…but close). Your size is constantly changing, you have no definable shape, and most of the stuff available isn’t that attractive.

A maternity wardrobe is a temporary thing, so I didn’t want to spend too much money.  Since I’m the first of my friends to have a baby, however, there wasn’t anyone for me to borrow from.  But I couldn’t be cheap on this—after all, I had to have nice clothes to wear to work. Sounds simple enough, finding comfort and style … Read More » Coupon

BareFoot Tess Today Only 25% Off BareFoot Tess brand shoes. Hard to find sizes up to 15 are available.












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Fisher Price Precious Planet Mobile

A good mobile can make or break bedtime, so choosing one that your child loves is important.  And as a parent, you’ll cling to whatever soothes your child at night.

The Fisher Price Precious Planet mobile was actually a gift to us from my mother-in-law.  We had selected another mobile that coordinated with our nursery décor, so we ended up with two mobiles for one crib.  Of course, I set up the one that went with my daughter’s room first.  It was great for a while, just your basic animals-rotating, music-playing mobile.  After three weeks or so, however, it stopped … Read More »

The Body Shop’s New Line: Nutriganics

Body-Shop-NutriganicsA couple of weeks ago, The Body Shop unveiled a new line of skin care: Nutriganics.  Using Babassu Oil, the five-piece line promises to smooth early signs of aging with its organic ingredients. Babassu oil, gathered from wild babassu nuts in Brazil, is a light, non-greasy oil that smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s a nice alternative to all the chemical-based, anti-aging products available from competitors.

To celebrate the product launch, The Body Shop is now offering free shipping on all Nutriganics orders as well as a huge discount on the products.  Buy the whole set, regularly priced at $52, … Read More »

Eastern Mountain Sports Sitewide Sale

Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) 20% Off Sitewide Sale starts today! Available online or in stores the 20% off is on most items. Plus they are offering huge discounts every 3 hours on



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