Back to School Bargains

Sure, my daughter might not be old enough to go to school yet, but it’s hard to ignore that all the local retailers seem to be gearing up for the fall season.  As I walked through the Back-to-School section at Target last weekend in July, I couldn’t help thinking that back to school seems to start earlier and earlier every year.

Sure, my daughter might not be old enough to go to school yet, but it’s hard to ignore that all the local retailers seem to be gearing up for the fall season.  As I walked through the Back-to-School … Read More »

Online Photo Site Comparisons

With so many online photo printers out there, it’s hard to know where you can get the best deal.  I’ve been using the same photo site (Shutterfly) for a few years now, but just to be sure I’m using the right site for my needs (and my budget) I decided to check out some of the competition.

Snapfish: This site offers pretty standard options: upload and order prints, share photos, view and edit, and a list of items to customize with your photos.  This seems to be the norm with most sites, but the real test is the pricing … Read More »

Great Parenting Books

When you’re a new mom, you’ll be tempted to read just about anything.  Parenting books, psychology books, new research findings on child rearing… anything!  And you should do all you can to educate yourself.  Being a confident, well-informed mom is very in these days.

But there is such a thing as information overload.  For that reason, I say pick a few books to reference and then let experience fill in the blanks.  There are a few key books that I recommend for any new mom or parent-to-be to pick up.  Consider cracking one of these to allay your new parenting … Read More »

Save Energy to Save Money

It’s no secret that going green can save you big bucks.  You might have to spend a little, to save a lot in the long run, but it is definitely a big way to cut back on your energy costs.  With tax breaks still available, and great coupon codes to get you bargain prices, there’s no reason to start saving energy this summer to save money.

Light Bulbs & Fixtures

Start small. Start with light bulbs.  LG’s web site claims that swapping your regular bulbs for energy-efficient, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs can save you around $27 a year on … Read More »

Summer Hair Care Products

You might’ve noticed that the change in season has been wreaking havoc on your hair.  Sun, chlorine, humidity, and heat can have some damaging effects on your delicate tresses. By now, you’ve probably realized you’ll need some extra help to keep your hair healthy for the summer season.  But how do you decide which of the many products available are right for you?

Start treating your hair right in the shower with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.  Try Sunsilk’s Hydra TLC Shampoo and Conditioner, voted the best for dry hair by Allure.  Oprah also included it as one of … Read More »

Pampers vs. Huggies: The Best Diaper for Your Dollar

Most new moms are met with a barrage of conflicting pieces of advice about a wide array of topics (should you Never wake a sleeping baby or Wake your baby to eat every three hours?) I was no different and the conflicts extended to even the simplest decisions, like what brand of diaper to purchase. For my baby shower, there seemed to be an even split between the two major brands, Huggies and Pampers.  Half the diapers I received with my gifts were from Huggies lovers, the other half from Pampers supporters.

But which did I prefer? Which diapers … Read More »

Keep Baby Sun Safe This Summer!

A baby’s skin is even more sensitive to the sun than our own.  During the summer, when you’re bound to spend a great deal of time outdoors, it’s important to keep your baby’s delicate skin in mind. In fact, one bad sunburn for a child can double the possibility of developing skin cancer later in life, so you must be prepared to protect babies and children from the sun.

As a general rule, babies under six months should not be in direct sunlight, since their skin is too sensitive for most sunscreens and can burn easily.  After six months, baby-formula … Read More »

Baby Bath Time Accessories

Even though you have to put safety first, bath time with your baby can be lots of fun for both of you.  Bath time isn't what it used to be – a baby in the sink, Johnson & Johnson's shampoo, and a washcloth. It can be play time, learning time, and bonding time with your baby!

Here are a few handy items I've come to love at bath time with my little girl:

Safety First

Judging how hot or cold the water is can bea headache.  There are many versions of these water temp devices out there, but the Aquatopia Read More »

How to Buy a Crib

When you have a new baby, you probably won’t put him right into his crib from day one.  Most likely, you’ll have a bassinet set up in your bedroom (feedings are much easier that way!) until he’s big enough to sleep for longer stretches in his own crib.  And once he gets there, he’ll spend quite a bit of time, between naps and night-time, so you’ll want to pick out the right crib for your family.

Cribs should be sturdy, solid, and reliable.  After all, they’ve got precious cargo. When you’re looking for a crib, make sure the bars are … Read More »

Pantene Specialized Products Are Perfect for Hair

My hair has always been very fine, very flat, and very unexciting.  I’ve been to many salons and spoken to many stylists about how I can improve the look and feel of my hair. Genetics are against me it seems, and every attempt thus far has failed.  Most products that promise volume literally fall flat, or coat my hair with so much product that I feel like I need two showers a day.  That’s not exactly what I was going for. 

Short of getting a straight perm, I thought I was out of options.  Then a friend recommended I check … Read More »