Great Travel Savings with

These days, with an infant at home, I’m not traveling much.  Still, it’s nice to know that when I do need to book that rare get-away, Expedia is a great place to get big deals on travel.  I recently booked flights for a group traveling to and from a conference at my workplace, and my search for deals brought me to Expedia’s site.

As with many other travel sites, I had the option to book the flight, hotel, and car rental (or any combination therein) together for savings.  According to Expedia, booking the flight and hotel together can save you … Read More »

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Today Only 30% off Gap, Old Navy & Banana Republic

Shop Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic Online today and get 30% off. Offer valid online, some restrictions apply. Gap, <a href="

ld-navy-coupon-codes/888/31track=99xcghx831010xgap”>Old Navy and Banana Republic Coupon Codes available today only. You can shop across all 3 sites and get $7 flat rate shipping anytime.

Find more apparel coupons at… Read More »

My Shopping Experience Buying Furniture At

Target CouponsMy Shopping Experience Buying Furniture At        mmmmmI’m a big fan of Target and since there’s one nearby our house, I very rarely shop at their online store.  Every once in a while I search a friend’s wedding or baby registry online, since ordering online is usually easier than trying to find that exact dishtowel on the actual store shelf.

Another occasion to shop at presented itself to my husband and I when we needed new bedroom furniture.  I know, I know… furniture? Yes, actually.  Target has some very nice furniture (that we can afford) so we went for … Read More »

Home Depot Review

If you’re looking to start a new home improvement project, you probably head to your local Home Depot store.  That’s where we went for the paint and supplies to makeover our daughter’s nursery, the shelving units I installed in my office, and even the new grilling set my husband needed last summer.  I’d suggest if you’re in the market for new carpeting, tile, or lumber, you stick with the in-store route for purchasing these items.  It’s much easier to make those selections in person.

But for most other things, the Home Depot website is a great resource, and an excellent … Read More »

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Back To School Tech Gadgets

Back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to be limited to pencils, pens, notebooks, and rulers.  How boring!  Instead, consider getting your kids up to speed on some of the latest tech gadgets that are fun (and useful) for the upcoming semester.  Some of these may be more appropriate for high school or college age students, but I’ll leave that choice up to you, Mom and Dad.

Here are my seven favorite back-to-school tech gadgets for the 2010-2011 school year:

Laser Alarm ClockLaser Tag Alarm Clock by Island Dogs

Need a better way to get your teenager out of bed?  This inventive gadget requires you … Read More »

How To Save on School Backpacks

Shopping for back-to-school supplies can run up quite a bill, especially if you have more than one child headed to school this fall.  Backpacks are probably the single most important item you’ll buy for your child this year – they’re practical, necessary for carrying all of that homework back and forth, and they’re also a fashion statement your child will be making all year long.  When my sisters and I were younger, our backpacks were a big deal.  You had to have the right one to fit in.

So how can you appease your child’s fashion sensibility while also buying … Read More »

16 Unbelievable Shopping Disasters Caught on Tape

There is no better way to know a man than to give to or take away something he desperately wants…

Mass shopping can be like mass religion… what starts as a joyful experience can many times spiral into cold-hearted brutality showing the unfortunate soiled underbelly of mankind.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are, at our core, irrational animals.  So the next time you consider getting that “hot new item” you just got to have, make sure you don’t become one of the headlines below.

Check out the following 16 Unbelievable Shopping Disasters and make it a point to Read More »

What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Wedding

Wedding DressHow do you define your wedding dress? It’s breathtaking. It’s your fairy tale. It’s expensive.

It’s way too big for your closet. 

With a move pending, and my little one’s belongings now cluttering all storage space, I needed to find somewhere to put that beautiful ball gown I wore at my wedding.  It was gorgeous and does not deserve to sit in an opaque garment bag at the back of my closet, but that’s where it’s been for my first- and second-year anniversaries.  I needed an alternative, more compact solution.

Of course, some people don’t even keep their wedding dresses … Read More »

How To Save Money On Textbooks

Textbook CouponsAside from tuition, the biggest line item on your college budget is probably textbooks.  Even with new laws being enacted to help cut back this expense, you can still spend more than you’d like on pricey textbooks.

The new laws will help. Publishers are now required to sell workbooks and CDs both with and without the textbook, so you can buy a used textbook and a new workbook to complete the course exercises.  This could cut back the cost quite a bit! The new law also requires colleges to give students more lead time to find their books, so you … Read More »

Top 10 College Essentials

Ok, so you can’t bring everything with you when you first move off to college.  But figuring out what you’ll need and what you won’t can be a challenge. Especially if you’ll be far away from home.

While it’s up to you to decide if you really need that teddy bear or not, I can suggest a few “must haves” that absolutely need to go off to college with you.  Take a look, scope out some coupons, and get packing!

#1 – Laptop

You need a computer.  No one goes to college without one now. And since desktops are so … Read More »