How To Save Money On Baby Proofing Your Home

As soon as your little one starts scooting around the floor, you’re going to notice he gravitates toward objects he is not supposed to have.  Everything gets pulled, swatted, and stuck into his mouth, with seemingly no concern for his own well-being.  How can you keep him safe… from himself?


You can’t bubble-wrap their child and leave him in a padded room without glass, sharp objects, or hard surfaces.  Not so.  Your home needs to be safe, but you can never create an environment where you shouldn’t be supervising your children.  Baby-proofing is important, Read More »

Top Halloween Costumes for 2010

Forget the classic costumes of yesterday, Halloween 2010 is set to be bigger, better, and just a bit edgier than the costumes you were wearing as a kid.  Ghosts and witches are so over, so expect your kids to be asking for some funkier Halloween costumes you might not have thought of.  According to Melissa Sprich, costume merchandiser for Party City, “This year, Avante Garde hits mainstream, and as a result, 2010 costumes are expected to be completely over the top.”


From Party City’s list of top costumes and some other trends I’ve spotted here, there , Read More »

Top Baby-Safe, Pet-Friendly “Green” Cleaning Products

GreenworksWith both a small dog and a new baby in the house, how I clean that house has become an important matter.  Is it safe to use bleach or ammonia?  Are Swiffers really pet friendly?  Can the laundry detergent irritate my daughter’s skin?  Keeping things clean is an area of concern if you’re confused about what’s safe and what could be harmful.


For the most part, organic cleaning products are a safe bet.  Most products labeled as “green,” are cutting out the harmful ingredients that can cause reactions in babies and pets.  A Read More »

Eight Must Have Baby Registry Gifts

Having a baby means that many things in your life are going to change, and I don’t mean just your waistline or your daily routine.  Your possessions will start to look different and your house will get cluttered (more so than it already is!) Little stuffed animals and pastel colored blankets will burrow into your couches.  Odd seating contraptions will spring up in your kitchen.  Your home will start to house adorable things.

But there is a line between which of those adorable things are necessary and which of them can stay on the shelves at Babies R Us.  We’ve … Read More »

How To Save on Fall Allergy Supplies

The cost of treating allergies can be very expensive, particularly if you have year-round allergies like I do.  And if the back-to-school season triggers horrendous pollen and mold allergies for you, you might be a little hesitant to celebrate the pending fall weather.  Stocking up on those allergy medications, HEPA filters, and hypoallergenic household supplies could run up a bigger bill than your children’s school supplies.  Fortunately, there are a few allergy savings sites and some great coupon codes to help you manage the cost of your seasonal allergies.

Bedding & Dust-Proofing

Once the windows are closed for the season … Read More »

Top Groomsmen Gifts for Fall

Coming up with special gifts for your groomsmen can always be tough, why not try and make it specific to the season. In the autumn you have things like football holiday parties and back to school time. Here are some of our top Groomsmen and Groom's Gifts for Autumn.

Poker SetPoker Sets. With fall comes more indoor get-togethers, a perfect autumn Groomsmen Gift is a customized poker set. They come in all sizes, materials and price ranges so there is bound to be a perfect poker set for your price range.


Customized Beer TankardCustomized Beer Tankards. Although not everyone drinks, one thing … Read More »

Five Baby “Necessities” You Really Don’t Need

We live and learn.  As a parent, the axiom holds true.  No matter what anyone told me, I knew that I would need every single item on my baby registry. I would use them every day.  I would be the perfect mother.  Organized, dressed (with makeup on), attending to my baby’s every need.  Warming her wipes, laundering her clothes daily, sterilizing everything she even thought about touching.

Of course, these things did not exactly happen the way I planned them to.  Still, most of the things on my baby registry have, indeed, proved useful.  With a few exceptions.  If … Read More »

Ten Weird Instruments that Changed Music

Forget your '80s era synthesizer. If you're looking for a unique sound, the kind that make David Bowie look like a novice, search no more!  Some of the strangest, most distinct sounds in music come from these 10 weirdos, all for your listening enjoyment.

#1 – The Theremin

You don’t even have to TOUCH this one to play it.  Just plug in this seminal electronic instrument, and move your hands around nearby.  Invented by Leon Theremin in 1920, it’s like an early, musical motion detector.  Its sound is whiny, but very “futuristic.” Eerie, too, when played well.  The movie soundtrack … Read More »

Why Shop At The Body Shop

I have to admit that shopping for cosmetics online is really difficult, unless you know the brand.  A store like The Body Shop online offers these cosmetics but also some great body and skin care products.  Again, if you don’t know the scents for the body products, you might have a tough time choosing.  The skin care, however, is pretty self-explanatory and requires no testing, sniffing, or other in-person activities before buying.  Simply read, buy, and enjoy.

The Body Shop brand is one that I am very familiar with, so shopping is usually a zip-in, zip-out process for me.  Online … Read More »

Five Great Thrift Store Video Hauls

Video hauls are the latest teen and tween craze.  Bloggers and YouTube users are going nuts over these videos, where shoppers display their newest wares for all the web to see.  As I started to explore this new trend myself, I noticed how many of these girls are heading to thrift stores and proudly holding up $1.99 designer merchandise. 

Could it be that our obsession with couture has lead us to more “green” shopping patterns?  I’m not here to judge, or posit a theory about this, but I will share some of the best Thrift Store hauls on the internet … Read More »