Fall Fashion Trends & Must-Haves for Women

Fall 2010 fashion for women is fun, frilly, and full of fabric.  From cowl neck sweaters to ruffles, the clothing on the racks this season is feminine and bold.  You’ll notice all those rich, jewel-toned sweaters and dresses just popping out at you while you shop.  You’ll start pairing jeans with glittery, embellished tops… and probably enjoy it.

As I’ve been browsing the store aisles and the landing pages of many fashion websites, here’s what I’ve been noticing are the big trends in fashion for Fall and Winter 2010.  And with these deals and discounts, you can get all the … Read More »

Best Cash Back Rewards Programs

No one really wants to talk about credit cards these days, given the difficult economic times we live in.  But the truth is, most people still have credit cards because they’ve become a necessary evil for some. For others, they’re still a great way to build up credit for future things like buying a car or home.  Whatever your reason for credit cards, you should realize that not all programs were created equal.  And according to MoneyWatch.com, only 45% of credit card holders are happy with their card program—so it might be time to transfer your balance to a better … Read More »

Where to Shop for Plus-Sized Clothes Online

Shopping for clothes as a plus-sized woman can be a frustrating challenge.  Clothes are oversized and baggy, often shapeless, and usually have little style. Doing that shopping online might seem impossible.  However, there are many online retailers making a special effort to bring great fashion and style to sizes 16 and up.  And if they know where to look, plus size customers can even find great bargains shopping online!

Great Stores with Plus Size Fashion

For general every day or work attire, a handful of well-known clothing retailers are jumping into plus size style.   A recent search for some new … Read More »

Kohls.com Online Review

I’ve been a long time customer of Kohl’s stores, taking advantage of their great prices and discount days whenever I can.  I’ve also been known to log some serious Kohl’s cash.  But a recent Kohl’s coupon at ShopGala brought me to Kohls.com, where I was pleasantly surprised to see the same brands, prices, and exceptional deals.


With a Clearance center that offers up to 80% all the time, plus codes for percentages off and free shipping, timing a trip to Kohls.com can reap huge rewards for you.  It certainly did for me.  Right now, they’re offering free standard … Read More »

Awesome XM Radio Deal!

I got a letter in the mail last week telling me my XM Satellite radio promotion was ending and my credit card will begin being automatically charged $12.95 per month to continue the service. There is no way I’m paying that! I want the XM radio discount that I have been getting – $77 per year. (When you add taxes and fees it comes to about $88 for a year of service.) This is for the XM Everything package, which includes all the channels except The Best of Sirius.

I have twice written about how to get great XM radio Read More »

Staples Online Store Review

Now that I’m settling into the new office space at my new home, it’s starting to become clear what I’m going to need to be comfortable working here.  A few things needed replacement anyway, like the jammed three-hole paper punch and the crusty, lump Whiteout.  Shopping online is always as easier option for me, so I headed to Staples.com to price out a few of the essentials.

I started with the three-hole punch and found a wide range of price points, from $16 to industrial strength ones at over $100.  There were several brands and styles to choose from, so … Read More »

Ten Marvelous Celebrity Homes

Some celebrities truly live like kings. Below are ten celeb homes that border a tad on the side of extravagance… just a tad.


Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes – Beverly Hills

It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it looks like it’s got plenty of homey character despite its gargantuan size.  Actually, it almost looks like the architect was build a Colonial and just kept going… and going.  It’s tasteful and “simple,” to the point of modesty.



Nicolas Cage – Somerset, England

This is a castle, people.  A Castle.  I have no idea how much it costs to buy … Read More »

Shopping to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means everyone is going pink for the month.  It seems that everywhere you look, special pink editions of everything are being sold, all promising that a portion of the profits will go to research efforts.  ShopGala’s coupon codes, as well, seem to be popping up special discounts and offers to support October’s pink ribbon cause.

A quick search through our coupon codes brought up a whole list of retailers getting in on the good-willed action.  I was surprised to find so many top brands with specialty shops and products, as well … Read More »

Ten Great Halloween Decorations… Under $10

Halloween parties can be fun without getting too costly, thanks to a number of online retailers specializing in this spook-tacular holiday and our great Halloween coupon codes.  In fact, there are plenty of things you can pick up here and there to decorate your home this Halloween, all under $10.  Don’t break the bank, shop great deals and be creative.  Customize the perfect look for Trick or Treaters, your “haunted house,” or a troupe of costume-clad party-goers this October 31st, all for less.  Here are ten great ideas to get you started.

#1 – Halloween LED Lanterns – Read More »

How To Save Money on Halloween Candy

If you know Trick or Treaters are heading to your house this Halloween, you might be panicking about the costs you’ll incur.  In bulk, candy gets expensive, fast.  So passing out candy to 100 neighborhood kids will rack up quite a bill.  Unless you’d rather save the money outright by not being home on Halloween, read on for some helpful tips to save on Halloween candy this year.

Stretch Your Stash Farther

If you know you’re going to have a lot of trick or treaters, make sure you control the candy bowl.  When you just offer the bowl to little … Read More »