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For the U.S Women’s Soccer Team to lose in penalty kicks like that was hard to watch. I do have to say, though, give Japan all the credit in the world to bounce back like that…not once but three times.

For a nation to come together after such a horrific natural catastrophe takes courage and guts. That’s the mark of a champion. If Japan’s ground forces are as resilient as its women’s soccer team I have no doubt the country will rebuild and return to its former glory even stronger.

Excuse the pun, but the U.S. Women’s Team … Read More »

Folica Is Your Source For All Things Hair Care

At, it’s “all about the hair.”  This online retailer is your source for the best in hair care products, tools, and much more.  From hair care to hair loss, there’s a solution for every hair-related problem in the Folica catalog.  With more than 4000 hair and beauty products at prices that will blow your mind, load up on all the goodies you need to treat your hair right and don’t feel guilty about it!  Check out some of these incredible deals at Folica and you’ll be hooked.

So Many Brands!

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Junk Removal Done Right

Let’s play out a little hypothetical scenario involving you and your annoying Aunt Gertrude. It’s 5:30 p.m. and you’re on your way home from a hard day at work. Your stomach is rumbling and there is no food in the fridge. The phone rings. It’s your Auntie. If you send the call to voicemail you’ll have to listen to a 2-minute message; pick it up and you never know what she will demand from you this time.

“Hi Auntie. How’s it going?” you say, reluctantly.

“I’d be better if it weren’t for this old, smelly furniture that is taking up … Read More »

NatGeo Brings Home The Adventure


It was a cold winter morning in Boulder, Colorado and the basement was filled with lingering shadows. As I made my way down the descent of stairs I felt goose bumps rise on the surface of my skin. It wasn’t because there was a chill in the air. Nope. I remember the day like it was yesterday.

Amongst all the files of papers and boxes laid an 8-foot long bookcase that hugged the far wall of my Aunt’s basement. It was only filled with only one specific periodical: The National Geographic.

Surrounded by years worth of issues I felt … Read More »

Blood, Sweat And Savings


Did you know was the world’s #1 online bodybuilding store? According to the site they have catalogued over 25,000 pages since 1999. That’s a lot of useful content you can leverage to your advantage when deciding which products you should buy and why.

I’m going to share some information with you that may come as a surprise…and it has to do with what you should not eat or drink after 9 p.m. You can read the entire list at

Tip #1: Don’t eat chocolate. Substitute with a high-protein chocolate bar or brownie.

Tip #2: No celery…unless you … Read More »

Start Your Summer RV Adventure at Camping World

If summertime means enjoying the great outdoors for you and your family, ‘tis the season to stop by Camping World online and stock up for your next camping adventure. Known as “America’s RV and Outdoor Store,” Camping World has been a top choice for campers since it opened its doors in 1966. Now online, and better than ever, this great one-stop site offers all the top brands including Winnebago, Dutchmen, Coachmen, Country Squire, and Jayco, as well as 8000 top-quality products sitewide. You’ll find everything you need for your camping trip in one convenient place.  If that’s not enough incentive, … Read More »

Let’s Gather Round The Fire Pit


Picture this: You are enjoying a romantic evening in your backyard roasting marshmallows. The glow of the moon is reflecting off the pool while you gaze into the rising flames coming off your outdoor fire pit. It’s just you and your spouse. Everything is quiet around you. No kids. No dogs. Nothing. Just a simple evening.

These days our lives are so hectic we can forget to stop and slow down. Some of the best memories occur when you are doing nothing. And usually those memories are being made in the comfort of your home or in your backyard. … Read More »

Shop Eddie Bauer’s Summer Fling Sale for End of Season Styles

Summer’s not over yet, but the summer fashion season has definitely come to an end.  Lots of stores are celebrating with a sale, which is great news for the rest of us, who are still wearing summer clothes… and probably will be for about six or eight weeks. If you’d like to boost your summertime wardrobe without going overboard on your credit card, you might consider taking a peek at the Summer Fling end of season sale at Eddie Bauer.

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Splurge with Summer Savings at Ebags

If you love bags as much as I do, I hope you’re sitting down. But I suppose you are if you’re reading this… Anyhow, it’s time to rejoice and celebrate the HUGE discounts happening right now at  And if you’re unfamiliar with this mega-site of bag heaven, it’s time to listen up and start clicking your way over there. Now.

Designer Handbag Sale

Yes, that’s right. We’re starting here, with sale prices up to 50% on some of the top styles from top designers.  At eBags, you can search Michael Kors creations right alongside Cole Haan designs and … Read More »

Diaper Dandy


We all know how much it costs to raise children these days. I read somewhere the other day that the average family will spend a couple hundred thousand dollars to raise a child – and that’s not including the cost of a college tuition. Thankfully, that doesn’t appear as one lump sum on your credit card. However, there are times when the cost of raising a child can seem too much to handle.

Look at diapers, for example. Aside from the price (a giant case of Huggies Snug & Dry costs around $34.99), there are a lot of factors … Read More »