Leather Jacket Giveaway! – Pelle Studio’s Women’s Plus Leather Scuba Jacket

Jacket Giveaway – Want One in Women's size 1X? If you like the looks of this jacket leave a comment below.  We will be selecting a user at random to ship one out to.

Leather jackets can be a tough thing to shop for as a plus-size woman. Even if you’re just slightly in the plus-size category, broader shoulders or a wide waistline can make that perfect fit seem like a myth.  Trust me, I know. And until recently, I’d been unsuccessful in my attempts to find the perfect-fitting leather jacket for myself. Then, I tried on the Pelle … Read More »

Shop QVC.com for Free Shipping Deals & Savings on Top Fashions

Tired of the department store scene? Shopping with QVC on TV or online could be the answer to your trend-shopping blues. Forget about long lines during sales and specials. Forget about clipping the right coupon or signing up for your special credit card, just to get a lower price. With QVC at your disposal, shopping for top fashions, new arrivals, and trendy accessories is a piece of cake. And with our QVC coupon codes and new deals every day, saving at QVC is pretty easy too!

Top Fashion Collections & Designers at QVC

When you spot something in a magazine … Read More »

Get Organized in 2012 with Staples Tax Center & Hot Deals Center

It’s not too late to get your life in order for a nice, neat, and orderly 2012. With Staples on your side, there are so many ways to get on top of clutter, outfit your office or home work space, tackle your taxes, and even get planning for the year to come! Check out some of these great offerings from Staples and you too can be organized all year long.

Staples Tax Center Solutions

Let’s start with the tough stuff no one wants to think about yet. Chances are good you’ve already got all those tax forms stacked up on … Read More »

Go Green & Save Money When You Shop The Ultimate Green Store

If you were hoping to live a greener lifestyle in 2012, you don’t have to give up the dream. In a lot of ways, going green helps everyone. Green products can help you save money. They (obviously) help cut down on your individual strain on the environment. And green products are often healthier and safer, so your family can stay that way too.

But “going green” has become such a catch phrase that many people don’t exactly know what it means anymore. Sure, using less water or electricity is green, bringing a reusable bag to the grocery store is green, … Read More »

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Shop Elizabeth Arden Beauty & Get a Free Gift!

When you shop Elizabeth Arden cosmetics and skin care products, you’re continuing a tradition begun over one hundred years ago. First begun as a salon on Fifth Avenue in 1910, Miss Elizabeth Arden’s innovative approach to women’s beauty needs was the first of its kind. Makeup, she believed, should be a natural and cooperative unity of your own beauty and products used wisely to enhance it.

With skin care products that treat, rather than hide, skin’s imperfections, Elizabeth Arden built an empire on her revolutionary idea. If you’ve never seen it at work for yourself, now is the perfect time … Read More »

Find Great Savings on Yoga Equipment, Clothing, DVDs & More

About a year ago, I started practicing yoga regularly. Most of the time, I practice in my living room with a DVD. Once in a while, I get out and try an actual class.  While I’m not an instructor or super yoga fanatic by any stretch of the imagination, as I get better and advance in my yoga practice, I’ve been in the market for some new accessories, apparel, and inspirations.

If you’re reading this, then maybe you’ve wanted to try yoga for a while. Or maybe you’re looking for something, anything new to add to your workout routine. You … Read More »

Home Decorating: 3 Ideas for Harmonious Home Decor

Home Decorating: 3 Ideas for Harmonious Home Decor

Home Decorating: 3 Ideas for Harmonious Home Decor

Home decorating is a popular activity during this time of year. You might expect it to come in spring, what with spring cleaning and all of that, but many of the people I know, whether they're in their own homes or in apartments, are eager to get started decorating now — and myself and my partner are included in that group. Why? My best guess is because, in rearranging things for Christmas and then for taking down all the decorations, we just have the itch for something new. The problem, of course, … Read More »

How to Have an Anti Valentine’s Day Party

How to Have an Anti Valentine's Day Party

How to Have an Anti Valentine's Day Party

Valentine's Day is one of those semi controversial holidays, because it's not at all kind to people who are single, and many people who are in relationships aren't fond of it either. Now, don't worry, I've got lots of great ideas for throwing a Valentine's Day party for those who are interested as well. But this one is for anyone who has decided to join in with the latest trend and throw an Anti Valentine's Day party instead. You don't actually have to be against love and romance, of course, it's more … Read More »

Unique Jewelry: The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

Unique Jewelry: The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day

Unique Jewelry: The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day

If you're looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift, you should definitely start out by looking for unique jewelry coupon codes. Jewelry makes a great gift on the most romantic of holidays, but the same old thing gets pretty stale. I know that both the adage and the old song say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, and it's true that your sweetheart might like diamonds, but since the current jewelry trends are leaning more toward edgy, original pieces, it's time to think outside the box. That doesn't necessarily mean … Read More »

Discover the Perfect Party Dress at Bluefly.com

Discover the Perfect Party Dress at Bluefly.com

Discover the Perfect Party Dress at Bluefly.com

Bluefly.com is such a fantastic store, and when you use party dress coupon codes for it, you can save a ton of money on some truly delicious, fabulous frocks. And why might you be in need of a fashionable dress right now? Because Valentine's Day is coming up, of course, the most romantic day of the year! And let me preface this by making it clear that you don't even have to have a date to treat yourself to a new outfit. If you do, that's wonderful, but lots of people now have … Read More »