Asus Transformer Book T200 Review

asusI recently found myself in need of a new laptop. As a writer, I need something with a sturdy keyboard that travels easily, weighs as little as possible, and can keep up with my high-speed internet connection. I don’t need a lot of fancy software, but it’s nice to have the latest Windows program and that Microsoft 365 package to help me get my work done. I went to my go-to destination for laptops and tech supplies: Not only do they have great deals, but they sell a wide range of brands and make it very easy to compare similar products. That’s how I discovered the Asus Transformer T200.

Touchscreen 2in1 Laptop

I’ve always been interested in the laptop/tablet combos since I first saw the Microsoft Surface, but I’ll be honest, I don’t have that kind of money in my budget. This was going to take some research on my part, so I read reviews of comparable products and studied some brand name rankings. The Asus Transformer Book T200 kept coming up again and again. Even better, it was about half the price of the Surface and ranked higher in some categories.

So what does it do? My new Transformer is literally a transformer. The screen is a rectangular tablet (a little longer than an iPad, for example) that “plugs into” the keyboard. As a laptop, it measures 11.6” across so it’s lightweight but big enough to have a regular sized keyboard. The screen is a touchscreen all the time, no matter what mode it’s in. It takes some getting used to but I won’t lie, it’s pretty cool.

Top of the Line Specs

Almost as important as the versatility factor, I wanted something that was fast and reliable. The Asus Transformer Book T200 from boasts these specs:

·         Intel Quad Core Z3795

·         4GB Memory

·         64GB SSD

·         11.6” Touchscreen

·         Windows 8.1

·         Keyboard dock

I don’t speak a lot of fancy tech lingo, but it was nice to get this laptop up and running. It works much faster than my older laptop, even online. The split-screen capabilities of Windows 8.1 (a carryover from Windows 7) is also a nice perk that allows me to edit documents side by side or view my references while writing an essay or an article.

Warranties & Savings

Price, of course, was also a decisive factor for me. The Asus was about half the price of the Surface, available at for $530.99. Currently, it’s on sale for $468.99 (a $62 savings, roughly 12%) right now. I also needed to look into protecting my laptop, especially since it’s the most important tool for my business. NewEgg offers a 1 year accident protection plan for $55 and a 1 year DriveSavers data recovery for $49.99, among other options.

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