17 All-Time Nostalgic Grade School Memories

The first day of grade school is a scary time for a youngster. But at that age, friendships can be born from virtually anything, and before long, you're no longer an outsider. As many of you may recall there existed little pieces of grade school culture and nostalgia that brought each of us closer to the boy or girl sitting in the next desk. To help you focus on that trip back down grade school memory lane, here are our 17 All-Time Nostalgic Grade School Memories. How many sound familiar to you?

1. Trapper Keeper

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16 Unbelievable Shopping Disasters Caught on Tape

There is no better way to know a man than to give to or take away something he desperately wants…

Mass shopping can be like mass religion… what starts as a joyful experience can many times spiral into cold-hearted brutality showing the unfortunate soiled underbelly of mankind.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are, at our core, irrational animals.  So the next time you consider getting that “hot new item” you just got to have, make sure you don’t become one of the headlines below.

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