Bacon-Wrapped Filet Anyone?


I think I found the perfect match for my new Weber grill: the Omaha Steaks Private Reserve Collection. There’s nothing like a flavorful Ribeye with a slight char that’s seasoned to perfection. Add a little Peter Luger's steak sauce and you can call it a night.

Recently, some close friends came over and we grilled up four 12 oz Private Reserve Ribeyes compliments of Omaha Steaks. Before that night I had only tried the bacon wrapped filet from Omaha Steaks – and that was close to eight years ago. But I happened to come across a promotional code online and figured what the heck. I dished out $87 (compared to $129) and before I knew it the Ribeyes were delivered to my door.

Typically, I don’t splurge like this on steaks. I’m fine with the butcher’s selections at the local market. If it wasn’t for the new grill I don’t think I would have pulled out the credit card. However, after I took one bite of that MR-plus Ribeye I don’t know if I can go back to eating steak from the supermarket.

If you have experienced any cut from Omaha Steaks I need not spend time convincing you of the quality. For those of you who enjoy eating steaks, veal, lamb, burgers, roasts and even seafood (yes they got stuffed sole) I encourage you to take a moment and visit

What’s For Dinner?

For a main course I suggest trying an All-time favorite like the bacon-wrapped filet or sirloin. Click on the ‘Best Sellers’ tab at the top of the home page and you’ll find unbeatable savings on your favorite cuts of meat. Large families will enjoy the selections under the combo packs heading, where you can save upwards of $80.

Now that your mouth is watering, think about all the reasons why you deserve to treat yourself. Let’s see: you work hard; you always do for others; your selflessness often goes unnoticed. That’s how I convinced myself I deserved these steaks, even though my other half was doing its best to prevent me from bonding with my Weber.

Since I was in the gift-giving mood (to myself) I scrolled through the Value Assortments. Here’s a snapshot of what I’m thinking about getting next time:

  • The Terrific Twosome – 4 (5 oz.) Bacon-wrapped Filets and 4 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins for $54.99 (Reg. $112)
  • The Gourmet Steak Sampler – 2 (6 oz.) Filets; 2 (11 oz.) Boneless Strips; 2 (18 oz.) T-Bones for $109.00 (reg. $161)
  • Elegant Anniversary – 2 (6oz.) Filets and 2 (6 oz.) Warm Water Lobster Tails for $59.99 (reg. $121)


Just so you know, all orders are shipped in insulated coolers packed with dry ice to ensure fresh delivery. So stop drooling and start searching for those Omaha Steaks coupon codes right now. Happy Grilling!


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