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I have to preface this review by saying that I did not know you could shop online at BJ’s until I got an email with BJ’s coupons for their online store.  I recently got a BJ’s club membership through my employer and had started receiving “Saving Tips” emails and the like.  When I got the coupon advertising $3 off Pampers Diapers, however, I clicked to learn more.

Once I was on the BJ’s website, I discovered how much of their warehouse merchandise could be bought online.  Right on the front page, you can find Limited Time instant coupons, In-Club coupons, and specials for the month.  The entire site is one big way to save big bucks – I can get behind that.

The site is organized well, with a headed across the top listing different departments.  You can shop for electronics, computers, office supplies, home, seasonal, sports, toys, baby, health and beauty, and even jewelry.  It’s basically like having the inventory of a BJ’s at your fingertips…except you don’t have to fit it all into your car when you leave!

I found the prices to be comparable to the store’s, but the coupons available (both from my email and on the site) made everything that much cheaper.  My $41.99 case of diapers came up to $36.49 with a coupon.  They even carry name brand baby toys, gifts, and diaper bags at competitive prices.  Obviously, you can’t buy these items in bulk, but it’s nice to know you can order everything you need in one place.

The next place I checked out was pet supplies, under the Home section.  They seem to carry everything from dog crates to flea and tick medication.  The pricing on the flea and tick was okay—I’ve honestly found cheaper pricing elsewhere—but the large items (Cat trees and Dog crates) were priced with the shipping included.  Their prices ran about average, but since they included shipping fees, they were technically cheaper.

Out of curiosity, I swung through the jewelry department to see what kind of items they offer.  First of all, they have gorgeous diamond jewelry with reasonable pricing.  Secondly, they have a very, very wide selection.  Categories are neatly organized on the left toolbar so you can find whatever you need—even Engagement & Wedding bands, Watches, and Jewelry Boxes are available.  I didn’t pick up any jewelry this time, but I was definitely impressed with the options.

Finally, I visited the seasonal section for some fun summer items.  I found a whole section devoted to picnic baskets—they had one on wheels with the shipping included in the price.  They ran the gamut in terms of styles and prices.  I’m considering going back for the Picnic Sport Romantic Picnic Basket for 2 sometime (only $69.99 including shipping). 

All in all, a great website that’s easy to navigate and offers the deals that BJ’s is known for.  I was impressed to find how reasonable their shipping charges are, how wide their selection is, and how much more dangerous shopping here is when you don’t have to carry it all home!

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Boo BJ's:

I bought a brand new Vizio 47″ LED TV online from BJ’s, when it arrived it wouldn’t even turn on, it was defective. I contacted Vizio and their only solution was to have a tech come by and repair it in 5 – 6 business days. I paid for a brand new TV direct from the factory and before I even get to turn it on it already has to be refurbished!! They offered no discount or even expedited service, citing their company policies and telling me they are complying with industry standards. I tried to return it in-store because I had an e-mail from BJ’s saying I could, they would not accept it, citing policies that say they can not accept online returns. No one would help me with this product so I was forced to return it online, I am still waiting for a shipping label and I fear it will be weeks before I see my money back. This was the first time I had given a no-name company like Vizio a chance and I could not have been more disssapointed. I will never step foot insode another BJ’s or purchase another Vizio product and I suggest you do the same. I have since canceled my membership to BJ’s and had been incredibly happy with Costco, where they take business and customer satisfaction seriousely, they also treat their employees a million times better, heh, and their customers.

March 29th, 2012 | 7:51 am
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