Three Places to Invest Your Tax Refund Online

Gold Coins and plant isolated on white backgroundIf you’re like me, the idea of starting an online investment account is enticing but also a little bit intimidating. Sometimes terrifying. I don’t know a lot about investing, so I can only start off somewhere that I can find support, help, advice, and a good reputation. I don’t want to just trust my money to anyone. I need to know it’s in good hands. If you’re in the same boat, and have been thinking of investing as the best way to manage your big tax refund this year, here are a few places to start looking.

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Invest Your Tax Refund with Capital One 360

caponebrandSome people use their tax money to pay off bills, others to make that much-needed purchase for something big, and others use it as “fun money.” For those who would prefer to use that tax refund as a way to make a wise investment, there’s the new Capital One 360. Formerly known as ING Direct, this banking service brings smart investments to everyday people. With no fees and no minimums, there’s nothing stopping you from opening up your own Capital One 360 account today!

Watch Your Money Grow at Capital One 360

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How to Save on Your Energy Costs

The cost of convenience isn’t cheap. The average household pays approximately $1,400 per year on their energy bills, and that figure is on the rise thanks a lot more variety in electronics and appliances. Think back just ten years ago – not every household owned a computers, cell phones, multiple gaming systems, etc. – all luxury items that cause our energy bills to bust our budget. We all know the basics to energy saving – turning on lights when not in use, not running water when brushing our teeth, but there are a ton of other ways to trim your … Read More »

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Preparing for the 2010 Tax Season

taxesUpon arriving home from work today, I was pleasantly surprised to open my mailbox and find my 2009 W-2 Tax Statement already waiting for me. Not even five days into the New Year, the arrival of my W-2 kicked off the start of tax season, an event I had all but forgotten about in frenzied aftermath of the holiday season. I’m expecting a tax refund this year, and therefore I’ll be filing my taxes as soon as humanly possible, as well as shamelessly stalking my mailman until my refund check is received.  Many will use their tax refunds to pay … Read More »

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