Great Deals at Danskin on Fitness & Dance Apparel

funneljacketI used to associate the brand name Danskin only with dance wear. Growing up as a student of tap, jazz, and ballet, I sported many a Danskin shoe, tutu, leotard, and pair of tights. The name was the number one go-to brand in all things related to my dance classes. But after I stopped dancing, I forgot all about this trusted brand. Until recently, that is, when I rediscovered them at This time around, there’s a whole lot more than leotards to shop!

Active Wear for All Your Favorite Activities

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Shop Hot Buys for Summer at Kelly’s Running Warehouse

Running is one of my newfound favorite outdoor activities and summer is the season to rack up new miles on my running shoes. With this in mind, I like to plan ahead for my daily runs and make sure I’ll have everything I need to get through the summer and the fall, weather permitting. For my shoes, apparel, and other running gear, I love shopping at Kelly’s Running Warehouse, the World’s Largest Running Store. It has everything you’ll need in one easy to shop location, plus flat-rate shipping of $2.99 on all orders!

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Have You Transformed Your Body with P90X Yet?

ultimateI’ve tried a lot of exercise programs that promise big results only to be disappointed. The only one I haven’t tried is the one that gets tremendous reviews from everyone I know who’s ever tried it. I’m talking, of course, about P90X, the fitness revolution taking at-home workouts by storm. So what’s it all about? And how can you get your hands on the equipment you need for this workout regimen? Here’s what you need to know about trainer Tony Horton’s revolutionary P90X.

Transform Your Body in Just 90 Days

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Gear Up for Ski Season at These Great Retailers

If all the recent snowstorms weren’t enough of an indication, winter is upon us. That means it’s ski season now and as long as it keeps snowing up on those mountaintops. Thanks to the Groundhog seeing his shadow, slope fanatics can enjoy six more weeks of delightful fresh powder! So get ready and gear up before your next trip to the slopes with coupon codes for these great winter sports retailers. Offers Up to 83% Off Skis

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Lose Weight in 2014 with Official Diet Choices

60dayIf you’ve set a goal to drop the pounds in the coming New Year, you may be in the market for some real weight loss products with proven results. I recently stumbled upon the Raspberry Ketone Diet, a Dr. Oz endorsed, nature-based weight loss supplement that is proven to get the job done. Even better, if you order your 30-day or 60-day starter pack before December 31, you’ll be able to save big bucks on your order AND get free overnight shipping. Order today and start your new weight loss plan tomorrow when you visit Official Diet Choices online.

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Best Yoga Deals Found Online Now

Best Yoga Deals Found Online Now

A new season means a new you, or perhaps maybe a healthier one. For this new fall season, vow to get back in shape and feel your best when you opt for some new yoga techniques and practices. Be sure to get in touch with your inner yogi to help balance your life, your mood, and your body, but start off with getting the right equipment. You might night be a pro yet, but you sure can look like one with all the right gear to help make your yoga practice that much better. Here are the top best yoga Read More »

FitBit Customer Service Review


A few months ago, I finally broke down and bought the Fitbit activity tracker I’d been eyeing all year. Bored with my plain old pedometer and searching for something that did more than (poorly) count my steps, the Fitbit product line seemed like a great fit. I chose the Fitbit One for myself, a tracker that could also track my sleep patterns as well as my activity. I spent about $100 on Amazon and didn’t regret spending a single penny of it.

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Enjoy Getting 10% Off Now at Everything Yoga

Enjoy Getting 10% Off Now at Everything Yoga

If you’re a true yogi, you know what it means to have “Everything Yoga.” From the proper materials to the best studios, it’s important to have the right kind of utensils and atmosphere, as it is about being engaged in the act of yoga itself. When you shop at Everything Yoga, you’re able to find the items that will help heighten your everyday practice so that you’re able to get everything you need, mind, body, and soul.

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Change Your Life with a Bowflex Today & Save Money

ztremeYeah, I’ve watched the commercials for Bowflex machines again and again, always wondering if these machines are really as amazing as they seem. The testimonials and before and after pictures speak for themselves. Bowflex can really change peoples’ lives. It’s inspiring to watch, especially because all the machines look really easy to use. Almost like you’re barely exercising at all, but still reaping all the benefits!

If that sounds like something you’d like to try for yourself, Bowflex coupon codes can help you save money on that new investment in your future health. Head to to see what exercise … Read More »

Save on Adventure with Spartan Race Coupon Codes

spartanBefore my husband started running them, I’d never heard of a Spartan Race before. But since his first run last year, I feel like I keep seeing this unique obstacle course advertised everywhere! Lots of my friends have gotten involved as well. Voted Best Obstacle Race in 2012 by Outside, I guess this race really does have something great to offer to those competitive types out there.

Choose Your Spartan Race

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