4 Places to Stock Up on Java Before the Coffee Shortage

So apparently, there’s going to be a big shortage in coffee crops this year. According to articles in the Huffington Post on the topic, there are climate change issues that may lead to “an end to coffee as we know it” which is just no good if you ask me. I have two children and work about a thousand at-home jobs, not to mention my graduate school work. This woman must have coffee.

After hearing this news, you can bet I started rounding up the best deals I could find online and started stocking up on the delicious brew for … Read More »

How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in 2013

groceryIf you made a resolution to save more money in 2013, you might want to start by taking a good long look at your monthly grocery bill. When I look at mine, I see a lot of disorganized buying, sometimes overbuying. Another big problem I have is my tendency to forget one or two things. When I return to get those two items, I tend to walk out with another basket of things I didn’t realize I needed (and probably don’t need at all!) By the end of the week, I usually have no idea what I’ve spent on groceries … Read More »

How To Deep Fry A Turkey And Not Blow Yourself Up

You finally decided to try and deep-fry a turkey this Thanksgiving. Don’t be afraid, with a few simple tasks you can make a crispy yet succulent bird and not cause destruction.

A deep-fry turkey kit is pretty reasonably priced. They can run from $50-$200 and you can find them at Amazon, Target, Home Depot and others.

Outdoor Fryer


Step by step guide to make the perfect deep fried turkey:


What will you need? A good turkey fryer kit that includes the fryer, the basket where you put the turkey, an oil thermometer and something to lower the basket into the … Read More »

Save $24.95 Off BistroMD Weight Loss Meal Program Now

With fall here, you know it’s hard to stay away from all the yummy casseroles and comfort food that the chilly weather brings. Be sure to stay on your diet the right way when you invest in BistroMD Weight Loss Meal Program. You’ll be able to stay in shape, eat all of your favorite fall time foods, and do it all while saving money.

Right now when you head over to BistroMD Weight Loss Meal Program you’ll be able to save money on your shipping costs with their official Fall Slim Down Event. You’ll enjoy getting free shipping on all … Read More »

Enjoy the Best of Home Delivery by Using MyGofer

Enjoy the Best of Home Delivery by Using MyGofer

Enjoy the Best of Home Delivery by Using MyGofer

MyGofer is a new way to shop for the stuff you need to get. Where, when, and how you get it is entirely up to you. It's really simple to do – order online, have your products shipped directly to you, or pick it up at your favorite store. This is really convenient for those who find it difficult to go out shopping. It also will save you time as well as money that you won't have to spend on travel. There is a huge inventory of products; that, in turn, … Read More »

Dollar Store Shopping Tips: What to Buy & What to Skip

Maybe when you visit your local dollar store it feels like Christmas. All the deals, all the hidden opportunities, and that STUFF… and all for a dollar! It’s tempting to load up the basket indiscriminately with kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, just lots of stuff. But is it all really a bargain? I’ve gotten home from the dollar store before with some regrettable items in tow. Is it worth a dollar if it breaks the day you bought it? Nope. And yet, the possibility for some really incredible deals could be staring you in the face, unnoticed. It’s not the same … Read More »

Tips for Saving Money on School Lunches

Amid the flurry of all that back-to-school shopping you’re doing for school supplies and new clothes, you may not have thought about your budget for the school year yet. At the top of that school-year budget, most likely, is a line item for “Lunch Money.” Whether you pack lunches for your kids or send them with money to pick up something at the cafeteria, you’re spending more than you think of those mid-day meals. Cut down your costs all year long with these money-saving tips for less expensive school lunches.

Pack Lunch Yourself to Save

It’s easy to hand your … Read More »

Save Big with Online Grocery Shopping at Target

Save Big with Online Grocery Shopping at TargetSave Big with Online Grocery Shopping at Target

Online grocery shopping is becoming more and more popular, especially since there are so many ways to do it. You can actually order your groceries on the internet, from perishables to non-perishable items, as well as fresh produce in many cases. You can also find coupons that can be used online for ordering items, or discounts you can print out and take into the store with you. Target allows you to do either, which is convenient in a number of ways. There are generally store locations nearby but for ease and efficiency, … Read More »

Buy Generic to Cut Shopping Costs

You see them in the aisles when you walk through the store, nestled closely to brand names you recognize.  Generic products, these days, are available for nearly every brand-name product you buy.  And as a culture, we’re trained to avoid them.  The logos aren’t as flashy, there aren’t any recognizable characters decorating them, and they rarely offer us a free prize or mail-in rebate.

But the truth is, even without all that glitz and glamour, generic products are usually identical to the leading brands.  I did a little research to see which products you can swap out in your shopping … Read More »

Save Time with Grocery Delivery by Peapod

If you could save time in your day without spending a fortune, wouldn’t you?  At Peapod, the focus is on delivering quality groceries at your convenience.  No more fuss over the shopping cart. No more waiting in long lines. No more scrambling to find the coupons lost at the bottom of your purse. 

How It Works

Using Peapod is simple. As a new customer, simply select whether the groceries are for your home or business.  For our purposes, we’ll stick with groceries for your home.  Next, you’ll enter your zip code to pick the closest store to your home.  Peapod … Read More »