Asus Transformer Book T200 Review

asusI recently found myself in need of a new laptop. As a writer, I need something with a sturdy keyboard that travels easily, weighs as little as possible, and can keep up with my high-speed internet connection. I don’t need a lot of fancy software, but it’s nice to have the latest Windows program and that Microsoft 365 package to help me get my work done. I went to my go-to destination for laptops and tech supplies: Not only do they have great deals, but they sell a wide range of brands and make it very easy to compare Read More »

Reach Your Full Potential with SomaLife

soma logoLiving a healthy lifestyle today means incorporating vitamins and nutritional supplements into your diet. It’s hard work to keep track of all the things your body needs to stay healthy, especially when you consider that we all need different support to keep us going every day. Whether you’re an athlete, a writer, a doctor, a cab driver, or a clown, the activities you do all day require that extra support from the right combination of vitamins and supplements. Find out how you can give your body what it needs with help from SomaLife.

SomaLife Supplements for Age Management

youthGrowing … Read More »

Shopping Review: My New Clothes Dryer from Sears


Anytime an appliance dies on you, it’s bad news. They always seem to go at exactly the wrong time. That happened to us last month when our clothes dryer tumbled its last load. We inherited the laundry units when we bought our home, and we have no idea how old they were. Our guess is that they weren’t very new, so we had been basically anticipating this unfortunate event for a while. Not that we were prepared, of course. Luckily, there’s a Sears location not far from home.

Appliance Shopping at Sears

Earlier this year, we had a similar experience … Read More »

The Three Most Popular Wedding Registry Sites

registryLately, I feel like I’ve been attending a wedding every other weekend. Luckily, everyone uses a registry now, so my job as a wedding guest is much easier. Even better than that, most people tend to register at the same big three locations, meaning I can shop online for more than one couple at a time!

If you’re planning a wedding yourself, check out these three registry options, a popular choice among couples across the country. With all the great home items they have to offer, there’s no wonder why they’re so popular!

Bed, Bath & Beyond: More than LinensRead More »

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Footwear Fashions You’ll Fall For This Season

Just like clothing styles, footwear fashions change with every season and it gets very tough to keep up. While you might be able to sneak some of last fall’s shoes into your attire, shopping with coupons lets you update your look without breaking your budget. Check out these hot styles for fall 2014, all of which you can track down with our coupon codes and save some money. With these deals, it’s okay to spoil yourself with some new autumn footwear.

High Heels with Lots of Straps

maddenREDIf you’re not sure what to pick for your new footwear this fall, … Read More »

Shop the “It” Color for Fall 2014 at These Stores

This Fall/Winter fashion season, there are some surprise colors that are taking the spotlight. One of the hottest colors on this year’s must list is teal, an old tried and true standby that’s getting a fun makeover. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing everything in teal just about everywhere you shop! From coats to boots, handbags to dresses, teal is here to stay straight through to spring and maybe even longer. Shop for some really great bargains on teal clothing and accessories at these retailers.

Macy’s Has Plenty of Teal

hobobagStep out in style with outerwear, apparel, and accessories … Read More »

Shop YOOX Fall Promos to Save Extra on Fashion

pradaWhen you’re looking for designer fashion for the whole family, there’s nowhere better than As one of the web’s biggest discount designer retailers, YOOX has a little bit of something for everyone, every season. Every time I visit, I can almost get lost in a sea of beautiful apparel and accessories. Luckily for me, and my wallet, the prices at YOOX are just as affordable as they ought to be. Now, get extra savings with the Fall Sale event, plus our must-see YOOX coupon codes!

Designer Brands for Less at YOOX

The list of brand-name merchandise available at YOOX … Read More »

Countdown to Halloween with Costume Craze Deals

sudokuWhether you like it or not, school’s back in session and that means Halloween is right around the corner. You’ve probably starting seeing those aisles lined with candy and the clothes racks loaded up with costumes for all the kiddies. But to find the exact costume your son or daughter wants this year, you need to stop by Costume Craze online. Plus, you’ll get a great deal if you shop their pre-Halloween deals on costumes for the whole family.

Dress for Less This Halloween with Costumes On Sale

As Halloween approaches, Costume Craze wants you to find just the right … Read More »

Comparison Shopping for the Cheapest School Supplies

When that school supply list arrives sometime in late summer, you’re bound for some sticker shock when you head for the cash register to buy it all. It seems like notebooks, pencils, and backpacks are getting more expensive every single year. Before I stock up on the supplies my pre-K daughter and my high school teacher husband are going to need, I decided to see just how the big school supply retailers stack up. So let’s see how Staples, Walmart, and Target actually compare, price by price.

Basic School Supplies

elmersEvery back-to-school list includes pencils, glue, notebooks, and a … Read More »

Top Five Must-Haves for Your College Dorm Room

If you’re packing for college for the first time ever, it’s a little intimidating to decide what to bring and what to leave at home. Of course you’re bringing your laptop and your school supplies (don’t forget a sturdy backpack!), but what about your day-to-day living essentials? Take it from the advice of a once college freshman, there are a few things you’re going to want to have with you. Here’s your top five checklist and where you can shop for them all.

#1 – Bedding Essentials

eggcrateYou probably have your sheets already (extra-long twin, don’t forget!), but what you … Read More »