Video Game Review: Get a Great Workout with Just Dance 4

JD4I’ve been a loyal follower of the Just Dance video game franchise since I first got my Wii system four years ago. In that time, the folks over there at Ubisoft haven’t disappointed us yet. Each new edition offers great songs, harder dances, and extra features that we all love. Just Dance has become a favorite party game at our house and now, thanks to the new Just Sweat features this fourth edition offers, it will also be a fitness staple here in our living room. Here’s what Just Dance 4 has to offer.

New Songs, New Dances on Just Read More »

Dancing Takes Over Video Games

The introduction of motion-sensor gaming is really changing things in the modern household.  For starters, we don’t have to hit the gym anymore to get our exercise.  Games that get us up off the couch and active – from Jillian Michael’s Fitness Ultimatum to the Wii Fit – are helping us trim our waistlines.  Structured, active play can get you jogging or dancing to earn points and burn calories all at the same time.  Plus, it’s fun, which is enough to keep some gamers motivated.

Personally, I love the dancing games I have for my Nintendo Wii.  It’s fun to … Read More »

Battle of the Motion-Sensor Gaming Systems

It took for years for competitors to present alternatives to Nintendo’s Wii motion-sensor game system, but this holiday season, consumers had a big decision to make.  Stick with the Wii? Or try the PS3 Move or Kinect for Xbox?  With Sony and Microsoft now entering the ring, is the Nintendo Wii still the best option for motion-sensor video gaming?

Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360

This new component transforms the Xbox system into a motion-sensor gaming system for $150 (total cost with an Xbox 360, around $350).  The price includes the sensor and the game Kinect Adventures, which allows hands-free … Read More »

Great Wii Party Games

With the holidays fast approaching  you are probably stuck with your family, why not look for some fun indoor activities to whittle away the hours.  Gatherings of friends and family don’t have to be boring, consider these great party games designed for the Wii.  They’ll get you up, get you moving, and get everyone involved.

Carnival Games

Created by Take 2, Carnival Games provides you and your family with over 20 popular carnival games, all played using the Wii Remote.  Practice your Milk Can Toss or your skills with Lucky Cups, Clown Splash, or the Dunk Tank.  Win over 250 … Read More »

Summer Sports Paradise Island Review

On a recent trip to Target, I treated myself to a new Wii game.  To be fair, it was on the $15 rack, so my hopes weren’t high in terms of quality.  But the game, Summer Sports Paradise Island, seemed like a fun party game.  Made by Digital Embryo, it promised me “7 addictive games,” including badminton, volleyball, miniature golf, horse shoes, lawn darts, basketball, and croquet.

Now, I understand the irony of buying an indoor game featuring fun, outdoor summer activities in the summer… I mean, I can play these games for real outdoors.  But there’s something … Read More »

Saving Money with Free Trial Offers

With certain items, no matter how many online reviews we read and research we do, there’s just no chance that we are going to make the purchase without trying it out beforehand. This is especially true when it comes to making big ticket purchases like vehicles. Vehicle test drives are part of the process because car dealers know you’re not going to plunk down thousands of dollars off of just their word alone. Same goes for electronics such as computers and cameras, which is why most electronics retailers have their items on display for customers to test out before purchase. … Read More »

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Nintendo’s Wii Fit Plus Is New, Improved And Fun

Wii Fit PlusPossibly the most exciting gift under my Christmas tree this year was the new Nintendo Wii Fit Plus game and balance board.  I’ve wanted to own a Wii Fit system since they were first launched, but after playing this new version, I’m happy that I waited for the Plus version’s debut.

Launched on October 4, 2009, the Wii Fit Plus promises “a revolutionary way for consumers to create their own customized workout, delivering new levels of personalization, convenience and enjoyment to at-home fitness.”  So far, game users and critics are in agreement, and sales are doing well for the new … Read More »