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When I was diagnosed with allergies in my early 20s, I knew I’d have to make some significant changes to my environment if I wanted to minimize my symptoms. I had both outdoor and indoor allergies so I was overwhelmed with all the things I would need to control my reactions to allergens. Fortunately, for people like me, there are great online retail sites to shop, especially Allergy Buyers Club. If you’re suffering from allergies, whether indoor, outdoor or both, take a peek at what this great site has to offer!

Keep Your Air Clean

winixairOne of the biggest culprits of allergen-spreading is the air you breathe. Dust, pollen, and so many other allergy triggers can wind up in your home, circulating through your air, and making you sicker with every breath. The first thing I did after my allergy diagnosis was invest in an air purifier. At Allergy Buyers Club, there’s a whole department of Air Purifiers just waiting for you to shop. Break down your search further by category to find the right one for you: Best Selling, Allergy, Asthma, Mold, Replacement Filters, Quiet, Chemical/VOC, Smoke, On Sale, Pet, Small/Portables, Virus/Pathogen, Whole House, Commercial, Energy Efficient, Baby/Nursery, and MCS. I have a dog, so I went for the Pet Air Purifiers and found the Winix PlasmaWave 9300 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Purifier (pictured, $239).

Other tools can help to keep mold spores out of your air or add moisture to your home to help you breathe more easily. Take a look at Allergy Buyers Club’s range of Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, and Filters too to get a comprehensive idea of what you may need.

Keep Your Floors Clean

electroluxWe track allergens indoors every time we enter, usually on the bottoms of our shoes. Allergens collect in carpets and rugs, ready to irritate us for a long time. Keeping up a good deep-cleaning routine can help you control what’s hiding on your floors and minimize your exposure to allergens in the home. At Allergy Buyers Club, you can boost your cleaning power with Steam Cleaners and Vacuum Cleaners proven to get the job done right. Shop available steam cleaners by category to find models in a wide variety: Best Selling, Home, Handheld, Commercial, Steam Vacuums, Steam Mops, and Garment.  Head to Vacuum Cleaners for HEPA vacuums, uprights, canisters for carpet, canisters for hardwood, pet, bagless, lightweight, steam vacuums, cordless, handheld, wet dry, fireplace, and sticks.

I love this Electrolux Ergospace EL4103A Vacuum Cleaner (pictures $299.99) because it’s lightweight, quiet, and ideal for both hard surfaces and low pile carpets. Plus, it also uses a HEPA filter to remove potential allergens from the air while you’re cleaning your floors. Perfect!

Keep Your Whole House Allergen-Free

Shop with Allergy Buyers Club coupon codes to find bedding solutions to reduce allergens in your mattress and pillows, water filtration, and so much more. You’ll find solutions for your cleaning supplies, asthma problems, furnace, fans, and anything else you’ll need to live in a clean, allergy-free home.


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