HP Officejet 4500 All-in-One Printer Review

HP Officejet 4500 All-in-One Printer

I wasn’t looking for a printer when I found the great deal on this HP Officejet All-in-One… at BJ’s Wholesale Club of all places.  But I’d been thinking for a while that it was time to upgrade from my basic HP inkjet to something that could actually serve all of my home office needs.  With the move in mind and the knowledge that I’d be setting up a new home office, I decided to spring for it.  With an already low price and an instant rebate, the price tag wasn’t so bad either.

The HP Officejet 4500 is your basic all-in-one, with the ability to print, copy, scan, and fax.  It’s four devices in one printer, so it’s the perfect option for the limited space in my new “office” (which is really just the corner of one room).  According to the box, and the website, this bad boy can print up to 28 pages per minute in black or 22 in color.  The document feeder holds up to 20 pages and the tray will hold 100. 

Some of the things I hate about inkjets were corrected with this model, and not just the printer speed either.  The ink prints bolder and more vividly, and when you use plain paper, the ink doesn’t smear as badly.  HP’s ColorLok technology seems to have minimized this common inkjet issue.  Thanks to the high quality of the printing, color graphics and photos print with laser precision.  In fact, you can print borderless photos up to 8.5” x 11”… and for a lower cost per page than with other HP Officejet inks.

Also to help you save paper, the fax comes with a junk-fax blocker feature and the printer is enabled with HP Smart Web printing.  This printing feature allows you to pick which frames your printing and get the most accurate hardcopy of the page your viewing – no more cutting off of sentences or extra blank pages at the end of your print-outs. 

The display screen actually tells you what’s going on, no more secret printer lingo.  Instead of Load Letter, this printer will actually say “Out of Paper,” then ask you to reload it and “Press OK.”  There’s no electronic jargon, no mind-reading, and no wasted time trying to find the problem.

But above all else, the best about this printer is the networking capabilities.  My husband and I both have laptops, so this printer lets us print from anywhere in the house.  It was easy to set up, it works really well, and it’s given us both the freedom to work from anywhere we’re comfortable. 

If you’re in the market for a new printer, I highly suggest checking into the HP Officeject 4500 All-in-One, or one of HP’s similar models.  Check out our HP coupon codes to find deals on your new office electronics.


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Most of the pros I know use Epson with Epson Inks and Papers, they are formulated scflpicaliy for eachother, though the same can be said of HP and Canon. I would suggest going to your local professional photo shop and ask to see samples of what they use. You’ll need a big budget to be able to match what they do especially if you want to go larger than 13 19. There’s no substitute for seeing first hand the results before making a choice like this. HP have an entry level printer that will do 24 wide starting at $1200 (US) other brands a closer to $2000 for entry level large format. To get the Art quality you seek the printer will need more than the typical 3 or 4 nozzels of most inkjets, the pro ones have 6 or more to get the full range of colour tones and grays.

August 23rd, 2012 | 1:26 am
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