Romantic Dinner Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Dinner Ideas for Valentine's Day

Romantic Dinner Ideas for Valentine's Day

Looking for romantic dinner ideas for Valentine's Day? This is actually a fantastic, romantic, cost effective way to celebrate the holiday. It provides the perfect opportunity for closeness and intimacy, which is of course what Valentine's Day is really all about. It can be hard to get dinner reservations at the right place, and then you're basically sharing the holiday with dozens upon dozens of other couples. Two years ago I spent Valentine's Day in Salem, MA, with my partner. We were having a really lovely dinner at Capt's — or at least it would have been lovely if not for the inebriated, middle-aged couple making out right behind us. So you see, sometimes having dinner at home is a better bet, since a home-cooked meal made with love can express your feelings beautifully. In that respect, here are some great ideas, as well as some tips for using romantic dinner coupon codes.

Aphrodisiac Appetizers

Okay, I know that sounds kind of cliche, but I'm being serious. Check out some grocery coupons when you're coming up with delicious and romantic dinner ideas for Valentine's Day. Look for foods that are on sale, of course, and among those, choose ingredients that are traditionally thought to be aphrodisiacs. Don't think it all comes down to oysters on the half shell, either. There are plenty of seasonal foods and tasty spices that will do the job.

A Melt-in-Your-Mouth Main Course

If you're planning a romantic evening, you need to steer clear of certain things. Don't use a lot of garlic and onions, of course — it's fine to use them, just go easy. Anything messy is a bad ideas as well, so eschew lobsters or anything you have to dismantle. However, you can make something like crab cakes or lobster macaroni and cheese. Stay away from barbecued chicken; try a perfectly roasted chicken instead. There are tons of options, you just have to make smart choices.

Decadent Desserts (and After Dinner Wine)

A chocolate dessert is a must, so make sure you think about appropriate romantic dinner ideas. Anything chocolate will do, but I'd go with something that includes dark chocolate with raspberries or strawberries. You also need to check out wine coupon codes, because wine during the meal is a must. Even if you don't have it during the main course, you need to have it after dinner.

There are lots of romantic dinner ideas, as you can see. Make sure you think about your sweetie's favorite foods, dress your table with candles, and ensure that you're dining in a very cozy, intimate setting.


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