9 Best Products to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

Whether you're cleaning an office or you're cleaning a house, finding the best products to keep the place spick and span can be a tiresome process. Almost as exhausting as the cleaning itself sometimes. Finding the best products that work for your specific household can feel overwhelming, especially if you're looking for items that take up minimal space, are cost-efficient, or you're dealing with buying products that won't irritate an allergy. From the best tools to the best sanitizers, and even the top eco-friendly products - today we're covering all of the cleaning essentials you need to keep your space tidy.

Easy-to-Use Cleaning Tools You Can't Skip Over

Every home needs a set of cleaning tools you can't live without. Between the day-to-day, workflow of bustling careers and the comfort of staycations, holiday events where you get to play host, and all of the lively excitement that brings dirt and unseen cling-on in from the outside, keeping the essentials close by can help make your space feel refreshing.

Shark's Adapibly Efficient Vacuum

A spotless place is only as clean as the micro-fibers that are hiding out in carpets and between the fabrics of furniture. While automatic vacuums are more than a passing trend, they're not the most efficient products out there, at least not when it comes to vacuuming. Auto-vacuums are limited to the spaces they can reach and they can't quite climb walls or the furniture we spend time lounging on.

Fortunately, the Shark Rocket UltraLight Corded Stick is the perfect product for getting those hard-to-reach spaces that your robot vacuum can't. With extended reach capabilities and bristle brush rolls to dig deep into fabrics, this handheld vacuum is a must-have. Due to its low profile design, you can maneuver the machine beneath furniture, between nooks and crannies of your vehicle, and much more.

Breathe in Fresh Air with This Coway Air Purifier

Cleaning a room doesn't necessarily mean you have to get on your hands and knees to scrub every reachable surface. One great way to get rid of bacteria and unpleasant scents in your home is by investing in a top-rated air purifier. One of our favorites is the Coway Airmega 250S. Offering multi-layered filtration, this small device will help rid a room of airborne contaminants, dust mites and allergens, bacteria, and even viruses. Built-in Smart Technology allows you to adjust the airflow based on a room's air quality and auto-sensory settings will allow the Airmega to adjust according to reduce energy consumption as needed.

Mop Like a Pro

Another incredible product that Shark has knocked out of the park when it comes to cleaning is the Shark Steam and Scrub All-In-One Steam Mop. Designed with dual steam pads that rotate over 150 times per minute, you get a much deeper clean than a traditional mop. Shark's steam mop is chemical-free and can help get rid of tough stains while still being gentle on your floors. This allows you to take care of the mess without having to put in extra elbow grease to get rid of those tricky spots.

Countertops, Appliances, and Heavily Trafficked Spaces

Bathrooms and kitchens are often some of the dirtiest spaces in a home. This doesn't mean that they're consistently a disaster or that you're unclean if you don't wipe everything down after every single touch. However, these spaces are often the areas that see the most action when you come home. From cooking to brushing your teeth, countertops, sinks, and everyday appliances are constantly on the receiving end of the action. In everything we do, we leave behind dirt and grime that isn't always noticeable.

Those lingering unseen messes still need to be properly cleaned, which is where Force of Nature's Multi-Purpose Cleaner comes in handy. Crafted with an EPA-registered sanitizer & medical-grade disinfectant, you can use the spray to wipe down almost everything. Not only does it help you disinfect and sanitize areas of your home that need attention, but it also deodorizes and freshens up the place without any harsh scents. You can use this cleaner on countertops, appliances, workout equipment, and much more.

Looking to go the extra mile with your cleaning? Force of Nature's Multi-Purpose Cleaner might be great for a lot of things, but your tubs and tile surfaces deserve a little extra care. Try out Grove's Tub & Tile Cleaner Concentrate to spruce up the place a little more. The small bottles can be mixed into a spray bottle with a little bit of water to dilute it and then sprayed on the area you'd like to clean. Compared to other bathroom cleaners, Grove's concentrate is free of harmful chemicals and dyes and is made to be sustainable. Plus, it smells pretty good.

Best Cleaning Products for Taking Care of Pets

When it comes to cleaning up after your pets not only do you have to take into account pet-friendly products that won't upset or harm your extended animal family, but you also have to consider things like dander and outside allergens they may have brought into your home. From dogs that shed to terrariums that are a haven for bacteria, keeping your space clean and comfortable for all living creatures under one roof can be tricky.

As adorable and loyal as dogs can be, they're notorious for getting into things they shouldn't. Unfortunately, cute doesn't excuse tracking mud all through the house or rolling around in freshly cut grass and being the cause of the entire household's sneezing festival. When your beloved furry child has a little too much fun outside, try Wild One's Grooming Wipes. Made with coconut water and aloe vera, you can any dirt and replace outdoor odors with a pleasant eucalyptus scent.

Another superb pet-friendly cleaner that helps you take care of your house while watching after your furry friends is Better Life's Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Made with tea tree and peppermint, the cleaner is gentle on your throne while also being pet-friendly for those rugrats that like to drink water from a non-traditional bowl.

For those rooms that are home to pet life living in terrariums and similar habitats, Zoo Med's Wipeout Glass Cleaner can be extremely helpful. While you don't want to use the cleaner on the inside of their home while your pets are inside, it's completely fine to use it on the exterior of it to help get rid of smears and smudges that might be present.

This Personal Cleaner Deserves an A+

After a long day at work, or one spent on a memorable adventure, having products that help you feel personally clean is part of a robust self-care routine. No matter the dirt and grime of the day, simple tasks such as washing your hands can create a sense of comfort and help you relax. Whether you're finishing up washing dishes or you've just come in from the grocery store, Blueland's Foaming Hand Soap Tablets are life-changing. With a reusable bottle that's intended to reduce waste, you can drop one of their scented tablets in with some water and create your new favorite hand soap. The tablets are made with plant-based ingredients and are incredibly hydrating, helping you stay clean while avoiding drying out your skin like so many soaps do.

The list of incredible cleaners could go on forever, but these nine are some of our favorite products at the moment. Want to find out about more great products to try? Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for our latest updates!

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