Best Tools and Equipment for Your Lawn and Garden in 2023

No experience is more fulfilling than attending to your lawn and garden in the summer. Wouldn't you agree? And the rewards are even more gratifying; lush green grass, beautiful flowers, and healthy plants.

But all this requires the right tools and equipment to help you achieve your outdoor space goals. Whether you're a gardening enthusiast or just starting, having the right tools will make things easier in the long run.

This article will list various product categories for lawn and garden care and explain how they function. We'll also recommend a top pick for each category based on such factors as value for money, convenience, and performance. Let's get started!

Hand Tools

Lawn and garden care is largely a handyman's job. Therefore, you'll need reliable hand tools to help with pruning, digging, and weeding. Below, we highlight the most common hand tools, what they do, and their top features. We'll then recommend a top pick.


A shovel is a must-have for any lawn and garden enthusiast. It's perfect for digging, turning soil, and planting trees and bushes. Look for shovels with a sharpened blade edge, ergonomic handles, and good balance. Our top pick is the Razorback Premium Round Point Shovel – its lightweight yet durable design makes it ideal for everyday use.


Rakes are essential for raking leaves, clearing debris, and leveling soil. The best models comprise a wide head and tines made from steel or other materials that won't bend easily. Our no.1 recommendation is the Fiskars Steel Landscape Rake – its heavy-duty construction and lightweight design make it perfect for the summer garden and lawn care.

Power Tools

Power tools can be a great help when caring for lawns and gardens. They make tedious tasks such as trimming, edging, and mowing far easier and faster. There are several power tools available. But for this guide, we'll focus on three of the most common, their top features, and our preferred pick for each category.

Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers are essential for keeping your lawn in check. Look for models with adjustable cutting heights, ergonomic handles, and powerful motors. Our top pick is the WORX WG788 Electric Mower – it has a powerful motor and is lightweight enough to maneuver easily around your garden.

Hedge Trimmers

A hedge trimmer is invaluable for trimming shrubs and hedges. To reduce user fatigue, use trimmers with adjustable cutting angles, sharp blades, and anti-vibrations. We love the Black & Decker LHT2436B Hedge Trimmer – its 24-inch dual-action blades make light work of stubborn shrubs.

Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers are essential for keeping your lawn and garden free from debris and dead leaves. Look for models with adjustable speeds and powerful motors to ensure you get the job done quickly. Our top pick is the Husqvarna 125BVx Leaf Blower – its lightweight design and powerful motor make it perfect for clearing stubborn debris without breaking a sweat.

Water Solutions

Summer is known for its hot and humid weather, which can be hard on your lawn and garden. Therefore, you'll need a reliable water solution to keep them looking their best. But what are the trendiest water solutions available today? Here's a closer look at their top features, how they work, and our top pick.

Hose Reels

A hose reel helps keep your garden hose neatly stored away when not in use. Essentially, reels with sturdy construction, long hoses, and an easy-to-use winding mechanism make perfect gardening and arsenals. But our top pick is the Liberty Garden 871-S Hose Reel – its heavy-duty construction and large capacity make it superb for any garden or lawn size.


Sprinklers are perfect for keeping your lawn hydrated without wasting water. But not all models are created equal. Look for sprinklers with adjustable heads, large coverage areas, and easy-to-use controls. We love the Orbit Max Coverage Sprinkler – its advanced design ensures your lawn gets evenly watered without any water waste.

Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses provide a deep watering solution for your plants and flowers. They're made from porous materials that allow water to slowly seep out. Our top pick is the Flexon FLX2550 Soaker Hose – it's made of durable materials and comes with a multi-pattern spray nozzle for more precise watering.

Safety Equipment

Safety is always paramount when dealing with lawn and garden tools. Look for safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, hats, and boots to ensure you and your family are safe. Here's a closer look at the top products in each category and our top pick.


Gardening gloves help protect your hands from cuts and scrapes while you work in the garden. But not all gloves are created equal. Look for models with breathable fabric, reinforced palms, and adjustable cuffs. Our preferred pick is the Clip Glove Shock Absorber – they're lightweight, flexible, and have an adjustable wrist closure for a snug fit.


Goggles provide extra protection against dust and debris while working in the garden or mowing your lawn. We love the Uvex Stealth OTG Goggles – they offer superior eye protection with their adjustable straps, comfortable fit, and shatterproof lenses.


A hat is an essential piece of safety equipment for any gardener or lawn mower. Look for models with breathable fabric, adjustable straps, and a wide brim to provide maximum protection from the sun. Our top pick is the Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat – it's lightweight, highly breathable, and features a UPF 50+ rating to keep you safe from the sun's rays.


The right boots for gardening or mowing is essential for protecting your feet from cuts and scrapes. Look for models with reinforced toes, slip-resistant soles, and air cushioning for maximum comfort. Our top pick is the Thorogood American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boot – it's durable, comfortable, and provides great support for long days in the garden.

Over to You!

These are just a few of the best tools and equipment for your lawn and garden. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which products fit your needs best. Do your research, compare prices, and read customer reviews to find the perfect products for your gardening needs. But overall, you can never go wrong with our recommended picks, as they have been carefully selected for their quality, performance, and value.

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