Get Fit This Summer With the Best Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Summers can be brutal, especially when you're trying to stay in shape and stick to your workout routine. The great thing about the warmer time of year is that there's plenty of opportunity for outdoor exercise, which helps you keep your adrenaline pumping while indulging in those sunny rays. If you're looking to spend more time outdoors this year but don't want to slack off on your exercising goals, check out this equipment to elevate your summertime workouts.

Bike Around in Comfort

Ellipticals are great for getting in a quick workout, but they can be a little lackluster when you're stuck in place and it's a gorgeous sunny day. Opting for a Retrospec bike can boost your Vitamin D while helping you break a sweat as you take in local views. Choose the bike best for you with their wide selection of outdoor cycles, including but not limited to single-speed, fixies, mountain bikes, city bikes, hybrids, and beach cruisers. While many of their bikes are built for comfort, they're also designed to keep you moving while shredding toward your destination.

One of Retrospec's best bikes for outdoor fitness is the Atlas Fitness Hybrid Bike - 21 Speed. Designed to mesh comfort with speed, you can easily maneuver inclines and push your limits with wide-range drivetrain.

Jump Around with Crossrope

Get your blood pumping with a full-body workout using Crossrope AMP. These Bluetooth enabled jump rope sets are more than your typical rope. With built-in connectivity, you can track your speed, number of jumps, and more. Build a customized routine specific to your goals, challenge friends, and take the equipment anywhere you want. AMP handles give you instant access, pairing with your phone and allowing you to reach your workout goals whether you're in a tight space or finishing a run at your local park.

Master Your Speed and Agility

Stay agile with Yes4All's agility ladder sets. Choose between 8, 12, and 20 rungs at adjustable lengths to challenge yourself more and more. Great for all ages, you can improve your speed, balance, core strength, coordination, and more. Use the ladder to practice your pushups, shuffles, and lunges without needing to bring out more equipment. However, if you do want to up your routine, wrist and ankle weights are a great addition.

Tanning, Lifting, and Ocean Vibes

Have a beach day coming up but don't want to skip out on your workout? Take a GoRuck Sandbag with you. Each bag is designed with a filler bag to secure the sand and can hold between 40-60 lbs. Double pass stitching ensures durability, making it an easy on-the-go choice for those outdoor challenges. Fill your bag and lift, bear crawl, or squat to feel the burn.

End Things With a Clear Mind

For days when you could opt for a challenging routine or a simple, relaxing one, Avoarle's yoga mats are a must. These foldable, non-slip mats are perfect for outdoor yoga, pilates, and all types of floor workouts. Made with non-toxic PVC, the anti-tear material is easy to clean and eco-friendly. Compared to other mats, Avoarle's is durable and more portable. Where other mats can be rolled and are often bulky, Avoarle's is easy to fold into a 16-inch x 10-inch square. This makes it easy to carry anywhere and is great for days you want to spend time outside.

Summertime doesn't mean you have to choose between your favorite workouts and the great outdoors. With the right equipment, you can balance your routine with sunshine-filled fun. You'll find tons of great exercise equipment on the market, but these are our top 5 this summer. Want more great options? Check back for future tips, tricks, and all of the best buys out there.

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